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Change, crisis

and project management

in Sales, Marketing,

Digital & Human Resources

Fast track Interim Management in Sales, Marketing, Digital and Human Resources Positions




Through our extensive network and years of experience, Batenborch IM is your best partner for customized, quick and reliable solutions for transition, change, crisis and project management.


Batenborch IM stands out through its double specialization, a focus on sales, marketing, digital, HR and management positions combined with a sector approach.


We guarantee a high quality project-based step by step approach, on a national and international scale.


Due to globalization, digital and disruptive innovation the intervention of interim managers becomes more complex and therefore new behaviors and sets of skills are required to achieve results in a short amount of time.

“You can count on us to identify these competences on a permanent basis“


Over the years, Batenborch IM has been selecting the best interim managers, achievers who every day support our customers in their most important challenges, deliver competitive advantages and have an undeniable impact on their business.


We guarantee you the best ROI in a shorter period!


Our experienced IM consultants can help you source, hire and integrate the most qualified business partner for your specific project or challenge. No matter how complex your project is or how fast you need to find this solution, our job and passion is to assist you in delivering the results your company and managers are accountable for with, overperfoming and save valuable time. What characterizes our company culture is creativity, a unique blend of people, passion, entrepreneurship and results.


Besides that we offer our Interim Managers excellent opportunities for their own development with a professional sounding board of our consultants” before, during and after the assignment!”


Time evolves rapidly. We have seen a strong increase in the demand for interim managers. First of all to speed up finding the right person for the right job. Secondly to bridge temporary absence of regular employees. Last but not least, to benefit immediately from specific knowledge provided by the interim manager.

Look to some of our opportunities : Open IM Assignments


Contact our Managing Director Batenborch Interim Management, Romina Longo

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